Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Android

The Galaxy Note 9 hype is still there but we’re not sure until when Samsung will be able to keep it up. We have yet to know the numbers but until then or until the next big flagship is released, we’ll continue searching for the next big thing. We’re looking at the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL due in October but there are more from other OEMs we’re expecting to be announced at the upcoming IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

As for Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, which is still on top of its game, has the Galaxy X foldable phone in its future lineup. A few mid-range phones will still be released for the rest of the year but for 2019, the foldable smartphone and the Galaxy S10 will be the front-runners.

We’ve been anticipating for the foldable phone from Samsung. After all, it’s been under development since 2016. We mentioned then it would be out the following year but nothing happened. It was even challenged early by Moxi by making a bendable smartphone prototype.

Samsung was once believed to release two smartphones with bendable screens and rollable displays but to be honest, we’d be happy even if we only see one. The Samsung Galaxy X has been delayed several times but company has also teased that it’s coming very soon.

In the past couple of years, Samsung Patent images for the foldable smartphone were concept shown off. Patent filing application was sighted online. We also heard of the rumor Samsung was still trying to decide if a foldable phone should be released. We believe it should and it will definitely.

The company was granted a patent for a flexible OLED display and a ‘fold-out’ smartphone design. Back in January 2017, we noted Samsung was set to launch foldable smartphones in the 3rd quarter–still nothing.

Samsung was said to show off foldable displays to OEMs and suppliers at the MWC. The release was pushed to 2019 and a new stretchable OLED display was shown off.

The Galaxy phone with the foldable display will be out next year. The smartphone was actually spotted getting certification yet again, as well as, some sketches and patent application. A support page even appeared. We learned mass production of foldable phones would begin in Q4 this year.

The Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone was unveiled at CES in a private event but we’re not referring to the Samsung Project Valley folding phone. The OLED phone has been confirmed but this foldable smartphone is still in the works. It could also be the most expensive Samsung flagship for obvious reasons.

The release will happen next year and we believe the foldable screen phone category will see China-South Korea brands in a battle. We’ve already discovered the foldable smartphone operation.

Samsung will announce a foldable smartphone. No doubt about that but the question now is it would be first to launch one. Well, according to its boss DJ Koh, they want to be the first to do so. The question still hangs as Samsung is being challenged by the likes of Huawei wanting to beat Samsung, LG, OPPO, and Lenovo-Motorola. There’s the ZTE Axon M but it’s not really foldable as there are two screens only.

More good news about the Samsung Galaxy X phone: it may also be the first 5G phone from the firm. There may be several challenges in developing the foldable Galaxy phone but it’s almost done.

The foldable smartphone may also be a new series from the company. Samsung isn’t integrating the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series yet as suggested earlier. As for the 5G phone idea, other OEMs are also working on theirs while carriers and networks are testing 5G technology.

Samsung’s foldable phone may be the first 5G phone. We’re saying “may” and not “will” because anything can happen. Any company can get ahead of Samsung the same way Vivo did with the X20 Plus UD having implemented the under-display fingerprint sensor first. Samsung certainly needs to work harder and double time if it wants to be the first in the foldable phone game.

We once heard of an idea that Samsung has stopped being obsessed with being the first and now this. Let’s just wait and see for the next few months.