The year is about to end. Time flies so fast and we can say 2017 is the year when bezels and borders became smaller. When describing new smartphones, we’re not so much interested whether it’s good for AR or VR but more on the display. LG started it with the 18:9 aspect ratio of the LG G6 and now more phones are using the same. We’re expecting more will roll out with almost borderless screens.

Next year, we’re looking forward to flexible displays on truly foldable phones. No, we’re not talking about flip or clamshell phones but those that have real foldable screens. ZTE already started with the Axon M. We’ve been anticipating Samsung’s product offering since the South Korean tech giant has been working on the technology the past couple of years.

The idea of a foldable phone is that when opened, it will look more like a tablet. Previous patents from LG and Samsung give us ideas and now we’re more convinced such will be popular in the next few years.

Technology may not be perfect yet when it’s initially released but we remain positive about the outcome. And as early as now, OPPO wants to hop on the bandwagon but with some twist. Several patents from the Chinese OEM has been sighted recently that point to a phone that has a bendable display. It’s not the whole display but just the top half.

These are only patent images and they don’t make things official. Oppo could only just be working on the idea or a prototype could also be ready. We’re looking forward to next year. We’ll see how our phone screens will further advance.

VIA: Phandroid


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