ZTE officially announced the Axon M foldable phone October last year. We were introduced to one smartphone that comes with two screens and a hinge after several rumors and speculations. The phone seemed too good to be true but it’s real and functional. The dual-display phone hit AT&T in November and Best Buy with a lower monthly fee. We’re looking forward to more folding phones in the future just the Axon M but it may take a while. The Axon M is a first of its kind so we know there’s still a lot to be improved.

The Axon M isn’t exactly the most popular phone right now it’s the best when you want something new. You can say it’s more of a novelty device but many people are interested on the idea of two screens being joined together to show a bigger display. The dual-screen smartphone is unique and smart although with some limits because of the single camera.

What’s more impressive is the secure back panel, thanks to the T5 screws. You’ll notice small litte plastic squares covering little screws. Upon opening the device, you will see a battery connector, some golden contact pads, and a USBC board.

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything