Samsung is keeping things from the public. No, there’s really no controversy but the South Korean tech giant is said to show off foldable displays and foldable smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Come to think of it, this could be that event and venue where the Galaxy S8 is rumored to be presented in private and not publicly at MWC 2017.

The company is said to present their new products to other OEMs who will be present. The goal of the group is to predict demands and discuss the future of foldable products. The general public will not see the foldable devices. Only those invited to a private room will have the chance to explore the products. Customers of Samsung Display and Samsung Electronics can check the prototypes. We’re not sure how this will happen because there is a risk of images and information being leaked.

Two types of foldable displays are expected to be introduced: in-foldable and out-foldable. Future in-foldable products bend inwardly while out-foldable items bend panels outwardly. There is no product ready for commercial release yet. Samsung wants to hear feedback first from the markets.

Samsung will also be able to gauge if there is indeed a market and if other device makers will purchase and make use of the foldable displays. Samsung Display just wants to see how the OEMs will respond to the new product.

Samsung doesn’t have any timeline of when to release the products but they already have plans of mass production. Related technologies are believed to have been secured already.

VIA: Korea IT News