Samsung Q4 FY 2017

Samsung is one of the top brands in the world today. It has since grown into a household and lifestyle brand that reaches all kinds of consumers in most parts of the globe. The South Korean tech company may be considered a tech giant but it’s humble enough to admit failures. We commend its honesty during the Note 7 fiasco even if it was a rather depressing season. Sales were down for consecutive quarters but Samsung didn’t give up. The release of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ proved to be a good thing as numbers improved. 

As January draws to a close, Samsung Electronics is sharing its Q4 and F7 2017 results for the public to know. To sum up, operating profit for the last quarter of 2017 was KRW 15.15 trillion while consolidated revenue reached KRW 65.98 trillion. Most of the earnings came from the components business, specifically Memory business, that includes DRAM and NAND. The increasing demand for high-performance memory products for mobile phones and servers was the main reason.

The Display Panel business also saw increased orders especially OLED panels for premium devices. Interestingly, LCD panels and System LSI and Foundry businesses didn’t perform well.

This year, the OLED panel business is expected to strengthen as OEMs compete to deliver their own versions of foldable phones. Samsung is expected to be one of the forerunners in this game since we’ve been learning a lot of information about the foldable phone concept. This 2018, we hope to see the ideas turn into reality.

Foldable panels are expected to be introduced by Samsung as part of the OLED panel division. One focus will be on expanding news apps in different areas like automotive apart from the mobile arena.

Samsung is already developing a new phone with a foldable OLED display. The technology is still under development but we believe Samsung will achieve its many goals this year. The company is also expected to incorporate and strengthen AI and the IoT ecosystem more with new products, applications, and services. Of course, let’s not forget the 5G technology.

SOURCE: Samsung


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