The future of foldable phones is bright and clear as Samsung has been working hard to advance the technology. We’re expecting a 2017 launch of a commercially-ready smartphone but we’re also curious how the new industry will unfold (pun intended). It will be a totally new game. The Samsung bendable phones are coming very soon and the tech giant may have early rivals in Lenovo and the Moxi who have showcased their concept display and device.

We’ve also seen the Drasphone as another concept too but we’re more interested in the Samsung Project Valley. We have no doubts Samsung will revolutionize the way we “fold” our phones.

Recently spotted are patent illustrations of a foldable phone. The idea is for it to work with touch gestures when the tablet is unfolded. There’s also an illustration of a possible touch recognition in an edge display.

This isn’t a new patent but one that was filed last year in November. According to Patently Mobile, the phone might be able to work in different modes. There’s also the possibility of app icons launching when a particular action is made. There’s also the concept of being able to control an edge depending on the direction of the fold or the foldable displays.

This set of images below shows us a clearer idea of a foldable mobile device. The possibilities are endless but until Samsung makes the official announcement, we’ll take all of these with a pinch of salt.

VIA: Patently Mobile