Rumors about Samsung foldable phones have been going around since last year. Actually, the South Korean tech giant has already hinted about their arrival but looks like such phones aren’t ready yet. Launch may be pushed to year 2019 as the company is believed to be testing the technology. There’s also the idea that Samsung may still be working to perfect the new bezel-free display which is now presently used on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Back in June 2017, a Samsung exec said these bendable smartphones are coming very soon. Patent images were soon shown off including that Galaxy X patent filing application sighted online.

Samsung was still trying to decide if a foldable smartphone should be released. Soon after, they were granted patent for the flexible OLED display which is also used on the Galaxy S8 duo. Patent for ‘fold-out’ smartphone design was also give.

We were told to hope for the launch of foldable smartphones in the 3rd quarter so we expected foldable displays to be showcased by Samsung to more OEMs at the MWC. We’re now in the second quarter of the year but we just learned that Samsung may not be able to commercialize such display tech until next year.

Foldable display technology is still being developed. It’s not as mature yet but once ready, Samsung may soon profit from the display. Samsung will also be waiting for the bezel-free phone to slow down and then release the foldable display. This makes more sense business-wise because the company definitely needs to be more cautious now with its strategies.

VIA: The Korea Herald