Samsung has been busy working on a foldable display and is expected to launch a high-end folder smartphone due this year. The South Korean tech giant, or at least its Display group, has announced that it will introduce a new stretchable panel at a special tech event happening this week in the United States.

Samsung is about to show off a stretchable OLED display which can be bent in both directions. We’re assuming this is different from the foldable panels we’ve been seeing the past years. This new stretchable panel is quite a progression because previously, the displays we’ve seen could only be bent on one side.

Over at the SID 2017 that will be held in Los Angeles, California, the stretchable display will be demoed by Samsung. The annual event is hosted by the Society for Information Display and it is one important event for OEMs and suppliers. Flexible displays and panels are relatively new. The technology is still young and adding the idea of a stretchable display makes it even more complicated.

Samsung is confident about its new display tech which is said to still have a high degree of resolution even when pressed by as much as 12mm. The model Samsung is believed to be showing off this week is a 9.1-inch stretchable OLED screen. There’s also the idea that this display can be integrated with the Internet of Things or any other AI systems.

VIA: Yonhap News Agency