We can’t reiterate enough the idea that Samsung will release a new smartphone with a foldable display. We’re not talking about a new clamshell phone but a device with a screen that bends or folds. It’s been two years since we heard of the South Korean tech giant’s plans to release phones with bendable screens and rollable display. An executive confirmed the project after which the patent images of the concept were shown off. Samsung then officially showcased a new stretchable OLED display.

We also heard of a Q3 2017 release but still nothing. It’s been pushed to 2019 but we have a feeling a Galaxy phone with foldable display will be ready just before this year ends. Even before Huawei challenges Samsung with its own version of a foldable phone, allow us to search for more information about the Galaxy X whose patent application and sketches we discovered recently.

There’s also the mysterious support page but now we’ve got information that mass production of the Galaxy X foldable phone will officially start in November. That’s still ten months away but we’re crossing our fingers the device will be out at year-end.

Rumor has it panels will be manufactured in September while the foldable displays will be developed beginning this March. The final mass production will happen in November. If not December, then we can expect a Q1 2019 launch. As for the specs, the foldable smartphones are believed to have 7.3-inch flexible OLED displays.

VIA: Korea IT News


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