Samsung has always been known for the Galaxy series not only in phones but also in tablets. The whole Android community knows about the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy Tab. Of course, we also consider the other Galaxy phones like the Galaxy A, Galaxy J, and Galaxy K. There are dozens to hundreds of models introduced the past decade and we believe more will be added. The next-gen Note 9 is about to be unveiled while the Galaxy S10 is already in the works. In fact, it’s been one of our favorite topics because we’re very much curious about the under-display fingerprint sensor.

It’s no secret the South Korea tech giant has been struggling, no thanks to the numerous Chinese OEMs that are rolling out smartphones with premium specs and low prices. When it comes to quality, we know Samsung can deliver the top-tier models but can be really expensive. As for those from other phone makers like Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, or ASUS, their flagship phones are mostly affordable. By affordable we mean a range that people are willing to pay for. There may be some other pricey models but you can bet they’re nothing as expensive as those from Samsung or Apple.

Rumor has it the Galaxy Note 9 will be introduced earlier than scheduled before of low Galaxy S9 sales. We can’t say up to what extent but we remember telling you S9 sales are plummeting because of the increase in marketing expenses, weak demand, and increase in competition. We can all agree that Samsung still makes the best phones (save for the problematic Galaxy Note 7) but competition is just getting tighter. Releasing two models, the basic Galaxy S and then the S Plus, doesn’t help either because people are learning to be more practical these days. Why pay a premium when you can have the same value for less price?

The Galaxy Note model is expected to unify most of the special features of the Galaxy S and the latest technology that may be available. Now, we hear the idea Samsung is making the Galaxy S and the Note line into one. This means the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus may be the last. The Note 9 may also be the last because we’re assuming Samsung is making a brand or name change. But then again, the appearance of a Galaxy Watch tells us the company wants to keep the “Galaxy” ecosystem.

The unification strategy is believed to be being presented to suppliers and partners although nothing is final yet. There is no confirmation at this point so let’s take everything with a grain of salt. The pros and cons of the idea may be measured first because this will be a big move, if ever. You see, the Galaxy S Plus and the Galaxy Note are usually overlapping. We agree this happens but they are still different. The S Plus is more like a transition to the next Note while the Note is a transition to next year’s Galaxy S phone.

Both Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S Plus bear large screens. Only the Note supports S Pen. The Galaxy Note community is quite unique but we know the people can easily adapt to new things. The lines between the Note and the S Plus are not clear so some people may be thinking if their current phone models are already enough.

Integrating the two models will also benefit Samsung as it reduces cost of production. Lineups may be reduced because more people no longer replace their phones as fast as before. There’s also the fact Samsung has the Galaxy X foldable phone series so it’s kind of a new deal.

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