Samsung is working on the Galaxy Note 9 and as early as now, we’re also hearing about next year’s flagship phone–the Galaxy S10. Aside from the two, there’s the mysterious Galaxy X or foldable phone. We don’t know which one the South Korean tech giant will release next but we know they are already in the works. We’re not even focusing on the on-screen/in-display fingerprint sensor as we’re more curious if this foldable phone will finally be in production after years of rumors, speculations, and leaks.

We don’t think the Galaxy S10 will be foldable but it will be a different device. We’re very much curious about the foldable phone technology but we know it may take Samsung some time. Interestingly, there are some references to what is believed to be a pilot-type folder button or what is called a folder-blueprint. That could be related to the foldable tech and components are believed to have been ordered or in production already. Details are scarce but we’re just glad the South Korean tech giant is working on something new.

According to some sources, the volume of parts ordered for production isn’t as big as the usual minimum order of 500,000 so we’re assuming the device won’t be for mass production or major launch just yet. There is a possibility of a limited edition offering.

Note there is no confirmation of product design. Future leaks will give us more information so let’s wait and see.

VIA: The Bell