Samsung is working on many things. The Galaxy S8 may be its only premium flagship phone next year and may be delayed to April but there are other devices to look forward to. One of which is the Galaxy X—a possibly high end phone with foldable display—if we are to believe the rumors.

The subject has been part of the rumor mill for quite some time now and the closest we have seen was that prototype. Earlier this week, another patent filing was sighted showing something that refers to a Flexible Electronic Device.

We’re only waiting for the official announcement and while we know that the phone will be released next year, we’re always curious as to how Samsung will make it more more attractive and how it will ever market the product. A phone is believed to be under development as part of Project Valley but we’re not sure if it’s indeed the Galaxy X or something else. One thing we’re certain about is that the display will not be plain and flat.

The patent images below tell us of a foldable device. The illustrations may remind you of a mattress–the kind you fold and roll for storage. The screen actually looks more elongated so we’re assuming the display will offer more.

Year 2017 is exciting for Samsung and its mobile consumers because it’s another opportunity for the South Korean tech giant to prove that it can still be a major mover in the industry despite the Note 7 fiasco.

VIA: Galaxy Club