The next-gen Xiaomi Mi phone is said to be the next flagship phone to have an in-display fingerprint scanner. It could follow the Vivo X21 with its in-glass fingerprint sensor which is already a follow-up to the Vivo X20 UD released last year. A video showed us the limits of the in-glass fingerprint sensor of the phone. We’ve seen how it works although there are still limitations to its capabilities. So far, only Vivo has been successful in releasing a phone with such technology commercially. Samsung has been planning and working on it but with little success.

The Future Xiaomi Mi 8

Xiaomi may be next. The Mi 8, specifically, is said to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. If true, then it’s one impressive feat because not even Samsung or Apple have it yet–only Vivo does. Samsung has been working on the technology and we’re hoping we could finally see it on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

As for Xiami, a video was leaked on Weibo that shows a new Mi phone that boasts an in-display fingerprint sensor. It’s very similar to the Vivo X20 Plus UD. Watch the video below:

Rumor has it Xiaomi will be introducing the new smartphone this coming May 31 in Shenzhen, China in a special event. There is no official invitation yet but the Xiaomi Mi 8 (Xiaomi Mi 7 earlier). It’s the Xiaomi Mi’s 8th Anniversary so we’re leaning more towards the Mi 8 name now. The video demonstrates the front panel of the new Mi smartphone. You can see a cutout of the potential 3D facial recognition tech.

Many people say the Xiaomi Mi is an iPhone X clone, especially with the notch, as per that last report where we showed you leaked images of the device with a wide notch on a bezel-less display.

So the next Xiaomi Mi 8 will have an in-display fingerprint sensor. We’re almost certain of this and once the Mi 8 is launched, then this “iPhone X copycat” will still be even better with the on-screen fingerprint display technology. Xiaomi could be way ahead of the Apple in this area.

The latest iPhone doesn’t have it because Apple removed the Touch ID. The Cupertino tech giant decided to implement the Face ID as facial recognition system. One major reason for doing so is to finally have an (almost) all-screen design which is actually one of the main goals of top OEMs in the mobile industry today.

Once Xiaomi makes a formal announcement, then it’s the second company to launch a phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor commercially–next to Vivo with the Vivo X21 UD and the Vivo X20 Plus UD.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanners

The in-display fingerprint scanner seems to be the next major technology OEMs could be considering after the notch. Looking back, we first heard of the idea from LG over two years ago when it introduced a button-less fingerprint sensor that could hide under glass. Synaptics was then known to begin working on under-glass fingerprint sensors. The company launched an under-glass optical fingerprint sensor. An on-screen fingerprint scanning was also revealed by CrucialTec.

Samsung’s journey towards that in-display (on-screen) fingerprint sensor is still not over. The Galaxy S8 didn’t have it. Even the Galaxy Note 8 didn’t feature the tech for many reasons. We mentioned it could be ready in time for the Galaxy S9 but still nothing.

Samsung has been planning to launch the feature but it’s not yet ready. Samsung Design Head said on-screen fingerprint sensor wasn’t ready. This embedded fingerprint sensor technology isn’t really ready. Interestingly, we once heard the front fingerprint sensor may be ready for the Samsung Galaxy S9. Well, it wasn’t included. We were told not to expect one anyway even after numerous rumors. We just know that Galaxy S10 will have the much-awaited fingerprint tech.

Synaptics came into the picture in 2015 when ClearForce was announced. Samsung did partner with Synaptics to use ClearForce in Galaxy S7 but they decided not to push through with it. After almost two years of development, Synaptics revealed the Clear ID FS9500 optical in-display sensor.

Soon after Synaptics’ announcement of the new ClearForce tech, we learned the Clear ID in-display sensor would be ready on a Vivo phone. It wasn’t the first time we heard the idea from Vivo because we already heard that a Vivo phone may have an embedded fingerprint sensor.

A Vivo X20 Plus UD and its in-display fingerprint scanner were spotted on TENAA. The Vivo X20Plus UD was finally launched in January as the first phone with in-display fingerprint sensor. We also remember that Vivo Xplay7 leaked with an in-display fingerprint sensor, 10GB RAM, and 4K display.

The Vivo X20 Plus UD has passed through many reviews already including that teardown and durability test. The phone already has a follow up in the form of the Vivo X21 UD, launching with a 19:9 screen ratio. The technology has limits and sensitivity but no doubt, Vivo beat Samsung in this area. And soon, it will be have to compete with the Xiaomi Mi 8.

We’re not much familiar with the plans of Apple but its biometric fingerprint authentication technology, Touch ID, somehow started it all. The Home button could unlock the phone without pressing a button. All you need to do is tap your fingerprint on the button and the device will recognize it.


With the drive to make full bezel-less screen from “almost”, OEMs could look into the idea. We just don’t want to say look into but really work hard in turning the concept into reality.