A few months ago we learned that Synaptics began working on under glass fingerprint sensors. True enough, the technology is now ready as the first optical-based fingerprint for the smartphone. It’s a first in the industry that can allow a more secure authentication through a 1mm cover glass screen. This is a new Natural ID biometric solution that is expected to offer high-performance authentication for mobile devices.

Tablets and smartphones equipped with the new Synaptics FS9100 optical fingerprint sensor can do high-res image scanning in the new feature. The one millimeter-thin full cover glass allows the device to do away with physical buttons. Even a 2.5D glass can utilize this technology, allowing full under glass biometrics without any thinning or cut-outs on the screen. Even with wet fingers, this sensor can still “read” gestures and on-screen touch commands.

Its characteristics aren’t only for sensitivity. This one is also waterproof, scratch-proof, and is very durable so your mobile device can really last a long time. Despite the thin form, the fingerprint sensor uses very low power for your convenience.

The FS9100 optical fingerprint sensor also boasts of SentryPoint technology by Synaptics. This one brings OEMs highly secure authentication and several features such as Quantum Matcher with PurePrint anti-spoof technology.

SOURCE: Synaptics