Synaptics Natural ID technology has been around for sometime. We remember it being used on the Note 4, as well as, the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Alpha among others. The name of the company has made waves the past couple of years by coming up with its own fingerprint sensor for mobile devices and ClearForce technology. Earlier this year, it even showed off an ultra-slim area touch fingerprint sensor so you know the brand is getting more serious in the business than ever.

As one of the top human interface solutions providers in the world today, Synaptics said that it’s already sampling another fingerprint sensor solution–the 6x6mm Natural ID FS4500. This product is said to allow a more secure biometric authentication through recessed cover glass and ceramic or glass buttons. It only makes sense that the company makes another innovation especially now that more OEMs are using such kind of durable glass buttons and slightly curved glass displays.

Synaptics’ newest solution is expected to be used and supported by most OEMs today. Each one of them have different requirements but the FS4500 sensor is designed to be more secure than ever, thanks to several factors like the USB interface for easier PC integration and single voltage power supply. There’s also the improved navigation capabilities, ultra-fast TLS-secured communication for more system level security, and the ability to control two ‘soft keys’ with the sensor as described by the company.

SOURCE: Synaptics