On-screen fingerprint scanning module by CrucialTec

Fingerprint scanning and authentication for mobile is a relatively new process. Technology is still in its early stages even if biometrics has been around for some time. At least in mobile devices, fingerprint scanning is new but more OEMs have begun to add it to their smartphones. Even Google is adding special fingerprint features and gestures to the latest Android platforms.

We can expect such feature and tech to advance and be utilized more in the coming months. CrucialTec, a known manufacturer of fingerprint modules, shared that it will bring on-screen fingerprint scanning solutions to smartphone makers this 2017. A number of companies are expected to benefit from this new offering that makes the “touch” experience for fingerprint authentication right on the screen. The idea is that the feature is embedded on the display.

From the home button to the display, fingerprint scanning will be done in a new way now courtesy of the on-screen fingerprint scanning module by CrucialTec. The company is testing the product which is officially called as the Display Fingerprint Solution or DFS. The idea is that a very thin film transistor and a sensing electrode are embedded under the display.

CrucialTec said they are already receiving positive responses from clients. Those companies and smartphone manufacturers especially in China are planning to use the DFS on their next device offerings. Making CrucialTec qualified for this job is the fact that it currently holds about 50 patents in biometric technology. The sensor is very sensitive in detecting a touch. It is also said to be ready to extract a hi-res fingerprint at 500 dots per inch.

The goal is to commercialize and have more OEMs to adopt the technology. We’re guessing that after this move, other related fingerprint sensor makers and module firms will show off more similar and enhanced fingerprint scanning solutions.

VIA: The Korea Herald