There will be a Samsung Galaxy S9. Oh we’re sure of that. Samsung won’t make any major change just yet. And no, it won’t even have that on-screen fingerprint recognition in contrast to what we’ve been hearing the past few weeks. A couple of days ago, we said the front fingerprint sensor may be ready for the Samsung Galaxy S9. The idea is somehow related to the patent for a fuller front display with sensor cutout.

Actually, we were told before that the Galaxy S9 would still have rear fingerprint because the under-display sensor isn’t ready yet. There are conflicting information but now, we can be a hundred percent sure that the upcoming premium flagship will have no screen fingerprint recognition. This is according to Ice universe (@UniverseIce) who shared the news. There is no word from Samsung yet but this one is more believable at the moment.

We’ve lost count how many times already but when @UniverseIce shares something, it usually turns out to be true. We know a lot about the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S9 but as you know, we have to take everything with a grain of salt. So far, we heard the phone will have two variants as firmware codes were sighted, will launch earlier in January 2018, might be modular, powered by Snapdragon 845 processor, and will have the same display size and shape as the Galaxy S8.

VIA: Ice Universe



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