Earlier this week, Synaptics launched the Clear ID FS9500 optical in-display sensor. We’ve been expecting this technology will be used on future mobile phones but we had no idea what OEM will be courageous enough to use it first. We were thinking Samsung but there have been some delays. Instead, Vivo will be the first to arrive equipped with an in-display smartphone fingerprint reader.

This news comes as a surprise since Vivo has been making arrangements earlier with Qualcomm for an under display fingerprint sensor. Now we’re hearing about this Synaptics deal with Vivo. We’re not how this happened but this means a step ahead for the mobile industry because OEMs have been trying to work on this in-display sensor tech.

Samsung has been planning on it but it’s not yet ready. We won’t see such specification on the Galaxy S9 but maybe on the Note 9.

The Synaptics Clear ID FS9500 fingerprint sensors are meant to work on those bezel-less and infinity displays are becoming more popular among flagship phones. They are meant to offer alternative mobile security and authentication while keeping low battery usage. A rear fingerprint sensor is already good and secure enough but it can be a hassle to reach the back of a device. A sensor in front is more convenient and probably faster as the time to activate the screen is reduced.

We don’t have information on the Vivo phone but we’re expecting the Chinese OEM to show off the new technology and device at the upcoming CES 2018.

VIA: Forbes