A couple of days ago, we told you about the possibility that the in-screen fingerprint sensor may no longer be found on the next Note device. Samsung is rumored to be ditching it because of possible display issues. There is no confirmation from Samsung yet but the sensor is believed to be causing a display imbalance especially in the scan area.

The problem is that the area is brighter than the other parts of the screen. It seems to be a minor problem only but you know, there are people who want their phone screens to be perfect. Having one area brighter can be distracting but it shouldn’t be a big issue, really.

For the Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung placed the fingerprint sensor at the back. However, some mistakes the sensor for the camera at times so cam always launches or takes photos. Because of these technicalities, the on-screen fingerprint scanner may be absent on the next Note.

A Samsung official is quoted as saying that they decided not to include the on-screen display fingerprint sensor due to technical difficulties. Meanwhile, its Cupertino rival has been working such on-screen fingerprint sensors under AuthenTec. We’re expecting to see this feature on the next iPhone. That is ironic while Samsung is already thinking of nixing the feature entirely.

VIA: The Korea Herald


  1. Ehh, we know. Everybody knows. I found out a couple of weeks ago from a friend of mine working for Samsung Turkey. The screens are in pre-production now, there’s definitely no embedded fingerprint scanner as there’s a problem with the Amoled panels. Btw. iPhone 8 screens are also in pre-production in Samsung factories. There’s no embedded fingerprint scanner on it either. So let’s put both of those rumours to bed and move on. It’s getting very repetitive and boring.


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