We’re almost certain the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not have an on-screen fingerprint sensor. The South Korean tech giant’s design head already said the technology is not yet ready. It seems the company has decided to keep it at the rear for the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung isn’t supposedly the first to use an onscreen fingerprint sensor. Sharp used it on the Aquos S2 but it’s not as advanced. We know more will follow but technology isn’t ready yet.

For the rest of 2017, don’t expect flagship phones to have onscreen embedded fingerprint scanners. Most of the OEMs may likely stick to placing the fingerprint sensor on the rear before the onscreen technology is ready. We don’t think even Samsung and Apple are ready with such so we’ll have to wait for a few more months or maybe even up to next year.

This onscreen fingerprint sensor has potential but it’s taking device makers some time to finish the technology. Vivo teased something similar a couple of months ago. BlackBerry took advantage of an embedded fingerprint sensor in a keyboard on the KEYOne but it’s still different. Qualcomm has been working on cutting-edge fingerprint sensors from under a glass display—same technology being shown off by Vivo in a video. It’s only a concept and video render so nothing is final and really ready yet.