Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Flatter Display

In about a month’s time, Samsung will make unveil the Galaxy Note 20 series. It will arrive with the Galaxy Fold 2. The Galaxy Note may come in three variants: the regular Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20+, and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The latter we earlier mentioned would not be happening but new details have surfaced it may still be introduced. A lot has been said about the Samsung Galaxy Note series including the idea that the phones may come with a flatter display.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series has been described to be shaped like a rounded rectangle, again, with a flatter screen. It may look like a Galaxy A71 than the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note 20. However, the Ultra variant may look more similar to the Galaxy Note 10 according to Ice universe (@UniverseIce).

Samsung is said to implement a Seamless Display technology on the Galaxy Note 20 and the future Galaxy S21. Camera specs have been leaked on the web. We can look forward to the copper color option and a bigger size.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ may be coming with a periscope camera and a 4500mAh batt (4000mAh on the Note 20), sans the 100x zoom function, and a mirrored design. There’s the 108MP camera idea for the Galaxy Note 20+ plus 16GB of RAM and a bigger fingerprint reader for all variants and 128GB as base memory.

The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ displays will be different from each other. There’s also the thought the Galaxy Note 20 will no longer use ToF. A 4G model is also in the works apart from the 5G version. Expect release will be right on schedule. Several designs and renders have leaked online and we don’t think there will be an end unless the company makes the official reveal. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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