Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Galaxy S21 Seamless Display

When it comes to the topic of displays, we noted a few weeks ago that the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20+ displays will be different from each other. The information was from Display Supply Chain Consultants’s CEO (DSCC) Ross Young. It would be interesting once such detail is confirmed but we’ll have to wait for a couple of months before the official announcement that will be an online-only event. More details will be leaked and shared before the launch so we promise to be updated as much as possible.

The latest info we have on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 also gives us a glimpse about the Galaxy S21. This is probably the earliest we’re mentioning the next-gen Galaxy S and we can expect the two will have similarities in some ways.

The Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy S21 are believed to feature a Seamless Display with a 90Hz refresh rate. The screens have been certified already. This is according to the Samsung Display division. The panel maker said the company just received SGS certification for the 90Hz and 120Hz OLED screens. These may be known as ‘Seamless Display’ since the name has been trademarked already.

Products getting SGS certification means a new device will be ready soon with the certified item. We know the Galaxy Note 20 series is already in the works. The display is tagged as ‘Eye Care Display’ which means it is safe, thanks to the very low blue light emissions it gives.

This ‘Seamless Display’ is described this early as smoother than other 90Hz and 120Hz display panels by about 20% to 50%. Samsung has not properly implemented such refresh rate yet but it will soon as it’s been working on new and additional hardware components. The Samsung Galaxy S20 phones didn’t have the 90Hz mode but we can expect it plus the 120Hz on the Galaxy Note 20 series and maybe the Galaxy S21 next year. Let’s wait and see.


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