Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Concept

Here at Android Community, we always say this, it’s never too early for rumors, leaks, and speculations especially if the subject is a premium flagship from one of the top mobile OEMs in the world. Samsung is still the No. 1 phone maker so we pay attention to most of the information related to flagship offerings. The Galaxy S20 series models have launched already and so is the Galaxy Z Flip. Mid-range phones are being announced left and right and the next premium phones to anticipate for are the next Galaxy Note and the second-gen Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Fold 2 has been a hot topic since last year but for the next Galaxy Note which may be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The smartphone is believed to be in the works now so expect details will be revealed in the coming months.

The first information we learned is that base storage will be 128GB already. That is huge but it’s slowly becoming a standard now, at least, within the flagship category. This Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is known as the SM-N981 but there is also the 5G version listed as SM-N971. The Galaxy Note 20 5G will start with 256GB onboard storage with no memory expansion.

It’s not clear if the regular Galaxy Note 20 will also have a microSD card slot but we’re crossing our fingers memory can still be expanded. The 128GB may be huge but may not be enough for such a powerful machine that lets you do many things. We’re assuming 8K video recording will also be a special feature since the Galaxy S20 has such a feature. As we mentioned earlier, 8k videos can take much memory.

Of course, it can be assumed the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will also have advanced cameras and we can imagine the large size of the photos that will be captured. The 128GB storage may really not be enough. Maybe there will be the Galaxy Note 20+ which we’re hoping will even have bigger storage capacities.


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