Samsung foldable phone Samsung Q1 Sales

Samsung has been trying to sell more Galaxy S20 phones all while having to deal with some minor issues like that green tint on the Galaxy S20 Ultra after an update and very recently, the rear camera glass breaking. OS and software updates are also being developed and rolled out for some phones. The South Korean tech giant has also started working on the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Fold 2. In other words, the company has begun preparing for the second half of 2020.

This is a more special time because Samsung has to make a number of adjustments due to the pandemic situation. For a time, the tech giant had to shut down a factory due to reports of an employee being infected by the coronavirus. But then, the company is still in the business and will follow its set schedule.

According to Samsung, “We are preparing both new and foldable Galaxy Note models to be released in the second half of the year, and we will introduce more competitive products.” This statement was shared during its Q1 results conference yesterday.

Samsung happily shared that it was able to respond to a supply and demand shortage earlier on during the global lockdown. The problem was concerning components coming from China. Samsung was already able to respond to the situation “by moving the quantity to other business sites”.

At the moment, Q2 predictions are hard to make but we can expect it won’t perform as good as in Q1 or the previous quarters. However, it can be interesting to see how online sales will improve since millions of people are just staying at home. Samsung is still selling phones but there may be a challenge in distributing or shipping them.

Most retail stores are closed by online shops are thriving. We’ll see if the online sales revenue will go up and by how much. If not favorable, we know sales will pick up someday or maybe in Q3 or Q4 when the world is expected to embrace the “New Normal”.


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