Wacky day, wacky day. Today was full of apologies, hints at the future, and olive branches offered at the brink of all-out Android war. Take peeks at the oncoming wave of superphones coming out more than likely in the middle of next month at Mobile World Congress, see the phones that never will be (Sony much?), and get some sassy updates for the phones you’ve already got. A couple of Froyos if I remember right. Oh and the CEO of Google is stepping down. No big deal!

Android Community
LG Optimus 2X Now Available for Pre-Order in Europe
T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G “coming soon”: Vibrant 4G confirmed
T-Mobile Sidekick 4G rumors resurface with HSPA+ twist [Update: Confirmed!]
Samsung’s Galaxy S2 to have dual-core Orion CPU, 8MP camera, NFC & more?
Dell Streak 7 to be $330 from T-Mobile USA?
Android exploit turns smartphone into USB security hole
Sony Ericsson’s Hallon/Vivaz 2 gets previewed and adored
7-inch HTC Flyer slate due in US come March, with two more tablets in June?
HTC Gratia UK launch confirmed for February 2011
Eric Schmidt Tweets Resignation as Google CEO, Larry Page Takes Over April 4th
Samsung Includes “Fake Call” in Features
NOOKcolor Receives Another Froyo Build w/Instructions
Notion Ink Adam Contest Entrants Denied Promised Discount?
Droid X 2, Droid 3, and Droid Incredible 2 Confirmed by Inside Source
HTC Bringing Back Physical Call Buttons with New Mid-Range Android Phone?
T-Mobile to Consider Sale of Non-Core Assets, Partnerships with Other Carriers
Samsung Vibrant Gets Froyo Tomorrow – January 21
Google Forcing Manufacturers to Hold Gingerbread Until May to Sell More Nexus S?
Galaxy S 4G Officially Announced via T-Mobile
Droid1, Droid2, and Droid X Getting New Life as CyanogenMod and CCroms Join Forces
Trapster Android App Users: Y’all Got Hacked
Mobile Phone Physical Modding Ups Game with Clear Case
The Mobile Revolution is Upon Us [FEATURED]
15-Percent of Smartphones Sold in 2011 Will Have Multi-Core Processors
Action Snap for Android Released
Google to Focus on LTE, Mobile Money, & Cheap Smartphones in 2011
Carbon Fiber Skin for Notion Ink’s Adam is Possible
Lenovo Creates Official Smartphone and Tablet Division
Sony Ericsson Q4 Report Shows Declining Android Sales
Android Phone Concept Features Three Flexible AMOLED Touchscreens
Motorola Issues Apology For Their Statements on Bootloader Policy
SMS Bug Fix for Nexus S Coming Soon
Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab Overclocked to 1.2GHz