Oh, physical buttons – I thought you were dead. Call/End buttons haven’t been around since the early days of Android (think G1, HTC Hero), and it looks like HTC plans on bringing them back in a new mid-range device.

PocketNow has found a new rendering of an upcoming HTC device and it not only features the standard capacitive and home buttons, it features both “call” and “end” buttons. It looks strikingly familiar to the current HTC Aria with the addition of the 2 buttons next to the optical D-Pad.

Also in the rendering we see a bold front-facing camera with chrome ring accent which makes it stand out next to the newly redesigned earpiece. Could this be the first glimpse of the Aria 2? Or could it be a completely different device? Let us know what you think in the comments and we’ll be sure to find out once Mobile World Congress rolls around.

[Via PocketNow]