T-Mobile USA may have prematurely revealed pricing for the Dell Streak 7, with what looks to be Equipment Installment plan details spotted on the carrier’s product page. Streak Smart noticed the 7-inch tablet’s fine-print mentioning an “$82.50 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $82.50, required”; that would work out to $330.

Although there’s no mention of the Equipment Installment plan on the page itself, the text follows the format from other T-Mobile product pages.


  1. No credit to the site that I actually posted this info to, for shame chris.

    t-mo now saying it was a typo anyways but still the streak website posted my info first.

  2. Was there a site that published before Streak Smart (which is linked in the first paragraph), ManwellC? I’ve just re-read their article and can’t see a link to a prior source than that.

    I know Jenn at Streak Smart and get on well with her; I’ve got no interest in “cheating” her out of links, hence the credit in the very first paragraph!


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