Hidden though it may be in the instructions pamphlet of whichever phone is, this feature is just about the best non-app easter-egg we’ve seen in a phone, and it’d be quite useful if you’re in a situation that might call for it. More than likely this is on a lower-tier phone of some sort as it calls for a four-tap or hold of the Navigation key, but neato anyway.

Anyone have a tip as to which phone this might be? Also, try it on your own phone if you’ve got a cheaper Samsung lying around – does it work?

[Via IntoMobile]


  1. I have this in my phone, not sure what it is but it’s dirt cheap and unlocked for use abroad. Works like a charm.

  2. My fascinate 2.2 (Froyo) update seems as horrible as others have posted.  But my problem is that I can no longer access the app market. Have tried clearing cashes, taking out battery, and yesterday with Verizon tech support rebooted entire phone.  Today same problem is back. Any ideas for help with this?


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