A bigger company like T-Mobile isn’t the sort of place you expect to have a rummage sale, is it? CEO Philipp Humm speaks on the matter, saying that in addition to considering the sale of some non-core assets in order to raise money to pay for future investments, they plan on also focusing on “churn rate” as a primary concern in the next few years. Churn rate is the rate at which customers move in and out of mobile providers like they were making butter out of milk… or is it milk out of butter?

Humm was speaking with Bloomberg as he revealed the possible sale, saying the money would be specifically used to acquire spectrum for it’s next-gen mobile data network. At the moment they’re working with HSPA+, which they’re of course labeling 4G, just like all the other companies who also don’t technically have that speed going for them.

Humm also noted that ‚ÄúDeutsche Telekom is exploring various options to acquire additional spectrum and reduce the gap regarding economies of scale compared with its larger competitors, including partnering with other companies.” Which companies? He would not say such a thing.

[Via IntoMobile]