Carbon Fiber Material Example

It seems carbon fiber skins are all the range in the technology. Adding a bit of a personal and professional touch to your device, they’re popping up on more and more devices. XDA member, joshua.lyon, has contacted a manufacturer of these skins and they said they would make a template for the device, but they need help.

Carbon Fiber Material Example

Specifically, what they’re asking for is an Adam owner to stop by GotShadeOnline in the Delaware area and let them take specific measurements of your device. For your troubles not only will you help out dozens of users who would like to purchase the skin, but you will get your very own custom fitted carbon fiber skin for free!

Color Options

The company is known for their high-quality carbon fiber material that is not just a design printed on vinyl. These skins are made out of a material that has a visible texture that shows in various lighting conditions and are not simply printed patterns, making them the perfect customization/scratch proof accessory.

If you would like to contact GotShadeOnline, be sure to send them an email and hopefully set up a time where they can measure your device!

[Via XDA]