Sony Ericsson has been in a bit of a heat the past year regarding money. After some internal cost-cutting they have managed to return to making a profit, but their Android device sales are down when compared to last year and previous quarters.

According to their Q4 report, they’re down about 3.5 millions units when compares to the fourth quarter of last year. For the year of 2010, they sold about 14 million less devices this year than last year.

This isn’t all bad news for the company. Not only did they actually make a profit this year due to recent cuts, but they’re on track to be more aggressive in the Android market in 2011. One of the most notable, and most publicized, devices from the company is the Sony PlayStation Phone that we should be seeing an announcement of next month.

Only time will tell just how successful Sony Ericsson will be in 2011, but we can all hope that they become key players in the Android space.

[Via Sony]