Dual-core processors in mobile devices were huge at this year’s CES. Being the next frontier in mobile processing, Strategy Analytics predict that over 15-percent of devices sold will feature multi-core processors this year alone and over 45-percent next year.

“Strategy Analytics analysts believe that multi-core processors will re-ignite the battle between the stand-alone and baseband-integrated applications processor vendors in 2011,” commented, Sravan Kundojjala, Senior Analyst. “The baseband-integrated multi-core applications processors will account for about one-third of total smartphone multi-core applications processor shipments in 2011, with potential for higher share in the future. By contrast, the market for single-core apps processors is now dominated by baseband-integrated products.”

They also go on to say that Samsung and Qualcomm will be shipping the most multi-core processors this year followed by NVIDIA, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments. NVIDIA, falling behind both Samsung and Qualcomm, may be a surprise to some. However, just because they were first to the market with a dual-core processor, doesn’t mean they will be the most utilized. Qualcomm offers up entire cell phone radio systems as well as the processor which makes them a much more attractive option for manufacturers.

No matter who is manufacturing the chipsets, we will be seeing a great rise in mobile device computing power over the next year, and by 2012 hopefully it will be the new standard.

[Via IntoMobile]