If you’ll take a quick peek at the tweet below, you’ll see that the fellow who goes by the name of cvpcs has decided to quit working on his own project and start working with CyanogenMod as a maintainer for at least Droid1. He notes that eventually he’ll like to work on Droid X and Droid2, all the while adding things he’s learned on his own project to CyanogenMod. Sounds alright to us.

SO if you’ve still got one of those Droid devices and were thinking about tossing it in the trash, halt yourself! Great things are on the horizon. On the other hand, if you’ve had your device so long that it’s slider is done sliding and the screens got a crack in it and you hate it so much you’ve considered throwing it out the window, (this is my Aunt’s situation,) probably just get a new phone.

[Via Phandroid]


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