We all know the entire computing market is shying away from big desktop and laptop devices and shifting to smartphones and tablets, and it seems Lenovo has just caught on. The company has announced that they have created a separate division to focus on smartphones and tablets.

Lenovo recognizes the tremendous growth potential of the mobile internet, as well as that of new categories like cloud computing and smart TV, and so we are putting the focus and investments in place to fully capitalize on these opportunities to drive growth in our business today and for many years to come,” Lenovo’s Chief Exectutive Officer, Yang Yuanqing said in a prepared statement.

With this new division we can not only expect many devices from the company, we can expect devices that are actually up to par with competitors as they are no longer being viewed as a second-resort and more of a main priority.

2011 is set to be a huge year for both tablets and smartphones and with Lenovo now a player, we will see at just how impressive of devices they can push to market.

[Via IntoMobile]