Google Pixel 4a

XDA chief Mishaal Rahman is telling us that the Pixel 4a from Google is almost ready. The smartphone has just dropped by the FCC. However, it seems the launch isn’t happening anytime soon. No mention when the phone will be announced after being postponed earlier this month. We believe it will still happen. We just need to be patient and yes, be always on the lookout for related information. Some are saying it maybe later. It could be announced together with the Google Pixel 5 too so that’s sometime in October.

A lot of information has been shared about the Pixel 4a. The last mention was about the Pixel 4a 128GB being spotted in two colors. The phone is alleged to be released on July 7. It’s been delayed yet again and is rumored to be arriving next month.

The Pixel 4a XL concept images were shown off and we were reminded it won’t be released anymore. That’s after a picture of the phone was leaked on eBay, showing a dual-camera system. A July launch is still expected but to be honest, now, we’re not sure.

The Google Pixel 4a phone was also shown off in a livestream video. We also won’t forget those leaked Pixel 4a wallpapers. Camera samples were also spotted earlier.

The phone was benchmarked and compared with older Pixel devices. The May 22 release definitely didn’t happen. The market release was noted to be delayed and looks like it will be delayed even further.

We hope to confirm the Snapdragon 730 processor and other mid-range specs like UFS 2.1 storage and a speedier app loading. We’ll see if that Google Pixel 4a unit reviewed before the official launch is the same as the final phone or if the cost is the same as the previous model.


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