Google Pixel 4a XL

Google is scheduled to reveal a new Pixel phone next week. We’ve been saying it’s the Pixel 4a and we know it’s really coming. It won’t arrive with a partner though as the Pixel 4a XL has been canceled. It may be out of the picture but here are some renders of the phone that would be launched. Pigtou and @Xleaks7 worked on the images to give us an idea about the XL variant of the Pixel 4a. Don’t expect to see the phone. Just imagine. This is how the device would look like.

There won’t be a Pixel 4a XL according to a source but there is no confirmation yet from Google. We’ll probably know next week at the ‘Android11: the Beta Launch Show‘ which is happening on June 3. We’re still hoping for the Pixel 4a.

As for the “canceled” Google Pixel 4a XL, the phone is said to measure 154.3 x 73.9 x 8.2mm. The size is closer to last year’s Pixel 3a and smaller than the Pixel 3a XL. We see a punch-hole selfie camera situated on the left front and a dual rear camera setup on a square camera module.

The Pixel 4a XL has a plastic build which is understandable for a mid-range phone. At the back, you can see a fingerprint reader. On the top edge is a headphone jack while a USB Type-C port is on the bottom edge.

This looks similar to the Pixel 4 XL but with watered-down specs and is slightly smaller than what we’re expecting. But then again there is no point in expecting for this one because like we said, the phone has been canceled already.


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