Google Pixel 4a design

Images and details about the Google Pixel 4a have been going around even before the year 2020 ended. Renders surfaced ahead of the Q2 launch and we soon learned about a device codenamed “Sunfish” and that will run on Snapdragon 730 processor. We’ve also seen prototype images and learned of an early review. The Google Pixel 4a is said to cost the same as the previous model– complete with UFS 2.1 storage, speedier app loading, mid-range specs, and a dual camera. The latest info we received was about the Google Pixel 4a design and some camera samples.

Today, we’re learning the phone will be available in the German market. It’s almost certain but there may be a delay. It was believed to arrive on May 22 via Vodafone in the country but it’s now listed with a June 5, 2020 delivery date.

A delay in roll out should be disappointing but we understand because of the situation around the world. The pandemic coronavirus has resulted in many businesses, offices, and professions on pause. Many people are now working from home.

Google has already canceled the Google I/O 2020 event. An online launch event is expected to happen next month. The Google Pixel 4a series will be revealed on the said date together with more information about the Android 11.

Android 11: The Beta Launch Show‘ will happen on June 3 so a June 5 release date in Germany may only be just right. At this point, we should be preparing for ‘The New Normal’–the new normal when product launches and releases are delayed because companies are working on a limited capacity. Google is already a tech giant but it’s not invincible. With its plan to reopen soon in small capacity, there will definitely be limits, mishaps, or delays like this one.