Whew – what a week it’s been for the Android faithful. Things started off with a bang on Monday, as Google announced the Samsung Nexus 10, LG Nexus 4, and 32GB Nexus 7 (along with a new HSPA+ model), despite the fact that it had to cancel its Android event because of Hurricane Sandy. Later on in the week, we went hands-on with the Nexus 10 and the Nexus 4, before bringing you full reviews of each device on Friday. With each running Android 4.2 out of the box and each packing a number of new features, we’re going to have suggest that any Android fan at least give them a look.

Speaking of Android 4.2, we gave you a breakdown of all of the new features you can expect in the latest edition of the Android OS. Sadly, the Google Nexus Q was booted from the Nexus landing page this past week, which seems to suggest that Google has canned the project entirely. OUYA made another appearance this week with the Android console’s dev boards showing up, and we heard a whopper of a rumor that claims Google will soon introduce physical cards for use with Google Wallet.

We had a lot of statistics this week too. Reports from IDC and Kantar Worldpanel ComTech both have different percentages for mobile OS market share in quarter 3, but both show that Android still has a clear lead over the competition. We also learned that while Jelly Bean installs continue to climb, they’re doing so slowly, and have a long way to go before Jelly Bean finally catches up to Ice Cream Sandwich. The Galaxy Note II has a brand new smart dock that can turn it into a desktop, and Apple was forced to rewrite an apology owed to Samsung after accusing it of ripping off patents.

On Thursday, a Verizon listing gave us a name for HTC’s rumored five-inch phone: the HTC DROID DNA. On Friday, yet another leak told us that the phone will be heading to Verizon in early December, so it’s possible that the phone is only a month away. The Google Play Store hit a whopping 700,000 apps during the week, which means that the iTunes App Store and Google Play should be neck and neck as far as app offerings go.

ASUS told us that Nexus 7 sales are around 1 million per month, which certainly isn’t anything to stick your nose up at, and the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini was given a release date in the UK. There’s a new SMS phishing vulnerability that affects a number of different Android versions (don’t worry, Google’s working on a fix), the CM File Manager was released for CyanogenMod 10, and finally, the release date for the Android tablet version of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition was bumped up by a couple of days, which is totally awesome. That does it for this latest installment of Android Community Weekly – keep it tuned here to Android Community throughout the week for more Android news than you can shake a stick at!