It’s time to get pumped up about the next generation for Google in tablet form – the Nexus 10, made by Samsung and packing Android 4.2 Jelly Bean+ (just a bit more expansive than 4.1, of course.) We’ve got our hands on this lovely device today and are getting our first impressions on right out of the box before it goes on sale to the general public – and spoiler alert: it’s pretty great. The Google Nexus 10 has a 10.0555-inch display with 2560 × 1600 pixel resolution using PLS technology – it’s bright as heck and just a tiny bit sharper than the iPad 3rd and 4th generation – beyond Retina, that is.

If you’re interested in a lovely collection of Nexus 10 vs iPad 4th gen features and specifications in an all-out war to destroy the world with its greatness, head over to SlashGear. After that, or before that if you’d like, you can have a peek at our first rundown of the specifications in the Nexus 10 when it was announced earlier this week. You can also see everything in cool, simple, list style at Device.AC, our massive device listing archive!

The device you’re looking at here is rather light at 1.33 pounds and really feels it. With soft plastic across the majority of the device (along the back) and Gorilla Glass up front, you’ve got both a high-quality build and a rather light experience physically. The tablet is 10.39 x 6.99 x 0.35 inches across the top, side, and thick, and has front-facing speakers. Just like the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung is using their front-facing speaker configuration here as EVERY tablet should – thank god for modern technology allowing us to have speakers facing the person using the device!

This element also helps Google and Samsung avoid lawsuits from Apple, believe it or not, as it was first revealed back when the Galaxy Tab 10.1N was revealed – this model eventually being re-named Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 here in the USA. This being Google’s first big full-sized tablet experience on the market, it shouldn’t seem like too much of a stretch that they’re considering the future insofar as it involves lawsuits and patent cases – everyone’s had their fill over the past few years.

The processor is the same as we’ve seen in the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook (see the full review on SlashGear) and thus far it’s feeling like one of the most powerful beasts we’ve ever experienced. Benchmarks incoming of course – for now know this: it’s going to be up near the top, if not topping the whole Android device universe.

The Nexus 10 feels great to use, is going to be fabulous for both games and entertainment, and works with Google’s now rather mature Google Play suite of apps. With Android 4.2 Jelly Bean onboard with no manufacturer or carrier extras to get in the way of a “pure” Google experience, this tablet is going to quickly become a fan favorite – and not just for developers. Stick around Android Community for our full review of this device coming up quick – same goes for the LG Nexus 4!

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