Well this certainly is interesting: Android Police is reporting that there are some massive changes coming soon to Google Wallet. The news comes via an anonymous tipster who managed to get his hands on a leaked Google Wallet update, presumably the one Google was teasing last week. Are you ready for what Google has in store? As it turns out, Google may be gearing up to introduce physical Google Wallet cards.

If that’s true, then it opens up a lot of possibilities for Google Wallet. The screenshots taken from the Google Wallet app post-update definitely suggest that such a thing is happening, as the tipster was able to sign up for his own physical card in-app. The physical card can be used in places that don’t accept NFC payments, and it also means that you can link your various credit and debit cards to your Google Wallet account, using your Google Wallet card in place of each and every one of them.

In doing so, you can make your life much easier in the event that your wallet is stolen. By leaving all of your other cards at home and carrying only your Google Wallet card, you’ll only have one card to cancel if your wallet or purse is swiped by one of the more unsavory people roaming the Earth. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about these physical Google Wallet cards.

There’s more though, as Android Police says this updates also adds support for adding and withdrawing funds, person to person transfers, and transit cards. It seems that Google has stepped its game up in a major way, ladies and gentlemen. Provided all of this is actually happening, we should be finding out about it relatively soon. Stay tuned for more information, because we’ll definitely be watching this one.