An awesome new accessory for the Samsung Galaxy Note II has surfaced, and it allows you to turn the device into a desktop. It has plenty of ports for connecting wired peripherals. It is currently listed in the US on Samsung’s site and at UK retailer Clove. Samsung’s website lists the dock for $99.99, and Clove says “pricing and availability to be confirmed.”

The dock features three USB ports and a full-sized HDMI port for connecting the phone to a monitor or TV in full 1080p. It also features a 3.5mm stereo port for connecting it to speakers. The dock also features a microUSB input for charging the phone and keeping itself powered. The phone can be used as normal when docked, and it even fits flip covers for the phone.

How you use the dock will depend on your needs. The USB ports offer enough flexibility to use a mouse and keyboard and make it a desktop replacement. You can use it as a hub for a media center. It really comes down to your preferences, and how you want to use the device.

Of course, the dock is small and portable. You can fold it up and carry it around easily. The device is available for preorder in the US on Samsung’s website, but Samsung has not added shipping information, so we are unsure of exactly when you will receive one if you preorder. Want more information on the Galaxy Note II? Check out our review.

[via SlashGear]