Recently, Apple was forced to place a statement on its website regarding its claims that Samsung infringed on the iPad. The judges ruled that the wording of Apple’s statement and the obscure placement on its website was not sufficient. They have given Apple 48 hours to rewrite the statement and feature it more prominently on the UK website.

The main problem with Apple’s text is that, while they mentioned the UK ruling against Apple, they also mentioned how rulings were in its favor in other regions. This made it quite obvious that they put the statement up because they had to, but they clearly were not actually acknowledging that Samsung had not copied them. This obviously did not make the UK judges happy.

The order was much more specific about how Apple needs to address the new statement. First, it must be up within the next 48 hours. It must use at least 11pt font and be featured on the homepage. Apple has tried to claim that it would not be possible to produce a new statement in such a short time; they wanted 14 days. The judge said this was a claim that he “cannot believe.”

Apple’s lawyers are saying that the statement they issued were in line with the ruling. The lawyers claim the ruling “not designed to make us grovel.” Apple’s lawyers were not able to convince the judge, and Apple will be forced to add the new statement.

[via The Guardian]