For us, one of the most exciting games of the year has to be Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, which takes the much-loved computer RPG and adds some all new content to make it even better (we hope). The best part is that Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition won’t just be releasing on PC, but Android too. Today Overhaul Games – the group developing the Enhanced Edition – announced a new release date for the Android tablet version of the game: November 28.

That’s a couple days before the game’s old November 30 release date, so we’re pleased as punch by this news. The folks at Overhaul say that the game might not make it onto mobile platforms right on November 27 due to the fact that they have approvals to deal with, but it should be available around that date. Keep in mind that the November 28 date only applies to the Android tablet version – the regular Android launch will happen at a yet-unannounced date shortly afterward.

In other interesting news, Overhaul also confirmed that Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition will be compatible with the extremely popular Nexus 7, so all of you Nexus 7 owners will be able to get in on the action too. Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition will cost $9.99 on mobile platforms, which certainly isn’t bad for a game that’s widely considered to be one of the best RPGs of all time.

Indeed, Baldur’s Gate is loved by many, and the new Enhanced Edition will give an entirely new generation a shot at checking it out. If you haven’t yet played Baldur’s Gate, we’re going to have to suggest that you pick up the Enhanced Edition when it arrives on November 28. It’s a little expensive as far as mobile games goes, but with hundreds of hours of gameplay on offer, we think it’s worth that $10.