We’ve always been curious about Razer’s smartphone offering ever since the company acquired Nextbit back in January and learned that it was working on a device. The gaming-centric product was promised before year-end and so it was officially launched this November after being listed on GFXBench. Indeed, the ultimate gaming phone is ready and it’s even coming to the UK aside from the US availability.

The phone is out with Nova Launcher pre-installed and a pair of Hammerhead USB-C in-ear headset which is also available for other devices. You can now buy the product at the Microsoft Store online and offline. Furthermore, its phone camera will receive further updates and optimizations.

We have yet to get our hands on one and do a comprehensive analysis but we know there are some people complaining about the lack of a headphone jack. Not that it’s a new idea but there are those still adamant about the absence of an audio jack. Apple made the idea popular but in fact, some other OEM started it. Not including this component is a difficult decision but the team behind the Razer Phone wanted to increase battery size.

Audio quality isn’t sacrificed. In fact, it’s better than most mobile phones right now because the user gets to use a 24-Bit THX Certified DAC adapter instead. This one offers high-quality audio and is definitely better than when a standard audio jack is used. The HammerHead USB C is sold separately. There’s also the $99.99 HammerHead BT which you can get for free with Paid to Play.

No headphone jack? No problem. The result is a longer-lasting battery life, better performance, and better headphone audio performance according to Razer’s Min-Liang Tan who explained the decision in a Facebook post.

Razer is believed to be working on a larger phone. Tan was asked if it’s on the horizon and he simply replied, “All in good time – while we have some of the best mobile engineers on the planet, I prefer us to focus and design one phenomenal product than 2 mediocre ones.”

A great product takes time. Let’s just wait and see what Razer has in store for the mobile industry.

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Min-Liang Tan


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