Razer isn’t only busy shutting down the Nextbit community site. The tech company has recently released a new power bank for mobile devices and laptops after acquiring Nextbit. The company which has been rumored to be working on a Razer phone has officially partnered with 3. And true enough, the mobile carrier and the gaming firm are bringing the Razer smartphone to the gadget arena soon.

We’ve got some details on their collaboration which includes discussions on mobile plans, co-branding, mobile devices, and virtual currency distribution. This is the first time we’re learning more about the Razer phone and we find it interesting that the company is considering to develop its own virtual currency. Note that it’s not Bitcoin but Razer’s very own.

Razer is trying to “reach out to the gaming community and youth audience” and this partnership with a mobile carrier is one great move. We’re assuming the zGold will have a significant role in this development that we know mobile gamers will love.

We don’t have much details about this team up but we’re positive that Razer will launch something gaming-centric and even more powerful than the latest premium flagship smartphones recently introduced in the market. The company also announced that it is opening a RazerStore in Hong Kong this 2017. Meanwhile, 3 stores will start selling accessories from Razer.

VIA: SlashGear


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