Razer is set to launch a gaming-centric mobile device before year-end. We don’t know what exactly that is but we’re betting on a Razer phone after teaming up with 3 and acquiring Nextbit. Razer just shared a teaser on Twitter, telling the fans to watch out for their biggest unveiling yet. There’s only the word ‘WATCH’ as a clue and a happy man playing games on a mobile device– or is he watching?

Whatever it is, we have a feeling it will be another gaming device where you can also watch your favorite TV shows and movies. It could simply be a smartphone but with premium and powerful specs, making it good enough for more media and gaming functionalities.

The announcement will happen on November 1, Wednesday. That’s Halloween for you but there’s nothing to be afraid of here. Just be excited and let’s see what this hype is all about. Razer has always been known as a popular gaming company so we’re confident this one will make gamers dance with joy.

Razer has been sharing several funny GIFs on Twitter too so excitement is intensifying. We’re crossing our fingers this won’t just be another overhyped pronouncement. Let’s wait and see a few weeks from today.



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