Razer has recently acquired Nextbit so it means more changes are on the way. The Nextbit Robin is perhaps one of the most interesting Android phones we’ve seen recently and it certainly has potential to be big. The last time we heard about Nextbit was its rolling out of Nougat beta after that October update. In a surprising turn of events, the startup is now joining Razer.

Razer has acquired the company behind the Robin phone. This move will make Nextbit focus on more on developing unique mobile experiences and design. In case you missed it, Nextbit halted sales of Robin and related accessories. Support for early consumers are still available and for six months more but the startup will now focus on different things.

Nextbit will still continue to provide security patches and software updates until February 2018. The community will still be intact but will just move to a different home. This time, it will be Razer. This means more stability for the Nextbit group because Razer is a more popular global company.

From now on, we shall call the Nextbit group as Team Nextbit for Razer. These guys expressed their excitement over this development and promised they will still offer the best experience on Robin. They are not abandoning Robin but they will only start working on a new project.

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