The newly announced RAZER Phone is dubbed as the ultimate gaming smartphone. We have yet to experience its power but we are also interested in its camera performance. No, make that cameras as there’s an 8MP selfie shooter plus a pair of 12MP rear shooters. The dual camera setup makes this smartphone a better choice. However, it has a few shortcomings.

One Razer exec said that the company is still improving on the camera software. You see, in smartphones, it’s not always the higher-specced model that produces the best photos and videos. Quality will still depend on the skills of the photographers plus the camera software.

The Razer Phone boasts impressive sensors and hardware but the software still needs to be improved. In the coming weeks, expect to receive camera app updates centered on low light and shutter speed among others. More optimizations and fixes will be released so watch out for related alerts and OTA that will update the interface and bring more stability and accuracy.

Future improvements to the camera include an instazoom button on the camera app, 4x slow-motion recording, plus updates to speed, 60 fps video, and a portrait mode. All these and more aside from the official Android Oreo update will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

Meanwhile, here are some early sample photos:

SOURCE: Min-Liang Tan


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