To start off September, we have a massive amount of tech news to present in this issue of Android Community Weekly! Sunday, the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE were officially announced. Later on, we ran across a recently initiated build of CyanogenMod 7 for none other than the HP TouchPad. Which build will have full functionality first? CM7 or the Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) port that’s also in the works?

Android Community attended IFA 2011 in Berlin this past week – and we have the hands-on evidence to prove it! The event was dominated by Samsung releases including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy S II LTE, Epic 4G Touch, and my personal favorite – the Samsung Galaxy Note. In the Galaxy Tab 7.7 hands-on demonstration, it’s easy to tell that it sports the color-rich Super AMOLED Plus display. Most innovative seemed to be the Galaxy Note; a smartphone-tablet hybrid with a 5.3” display. The device is equipped with a built-in stylus to take advantage of the a new version of the Touch Wiz interface unique to the Galaxy Note.

Both the Sony Tablet P and Sony Tablet S were also reviewed this week. Previously termed the Sony S1, the Tablet S looks to be an amazing addition to the current tabs out there. Both devices run a Sony customized skin over Anrdroid 3.2 (Honeycomb) and also have access to the Playstation Game list. The rear protruding lip on the Tablet S makes the device comfortable to hold and use. Expect a full review of the Tablet P up soon, but for now be sure to check out the hands-on.

The DROID Bionic’s release date has been confirmed as September 8, 2011. Included with an off contract purchase of $589, will be a 16GB micro-SD card. If interested in the specifics of the Bionic, fans are now able to download the user manual. Though this superphone hasn’t hit the market quite yet, the DROID Bionic has already been rooted a developer over at mydroidworld.

HTC Incredible users should have found an Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) update rolling out to their devices on Friday. The HTC Thunderbolt is also expected to have its own Gingerbread update this September – patience is a virtue. Finally, don’t forget to check out Gameloft’s free Android Game Giveaway through Labor Day. If the Gameloft game you’re looking for isn’t listed as free, it may be discounted to $0.99!