Well ahead of the release date it appears the new Motorola DROID Bionic has already been rooted. Just as a few of us suspected the recent Droid 3 exploit that seems to be working on most newly update to Android 2.3 Motorola devices has also got the job done for the Bionic. I’m sure a few were debating buying the phone for this exact reason so this is good news.

We don’t have much here, but thanks to mydroidworld we now have a screenshot and while it doesn’t show us much, we can clearly see the “targa” (Bionic codename) has achieved root access. This is a good start that is for sure not to mention we may get a one-click-root shortly too.

Like I said, this is a good start and a sign of good things to come but we still don’t know any details regarding the all important bootloader. Most likely it will still be locked like every other Motorola device as of late. With all the progress on devices like the Atrix and the Droid X we should have ways around that for those looking to mod, hack, and enjoy their new Droid Bionic.

Who’s buying one now?

[via MyDroidWorld]